Under The Influence Series: M.K.

Under The Influence Series: M.K.

Biographical Statement

My mother allowed me free reign to dress myself. I mixed florals with plaids and paisleys, added stripes. I believe she was afraid my teachers would think her negligent but it was simply an early indicator of my artistic bent. I am still mixing stripes and paisleys, synthesizing genres and styles to create paintings.

I am a product of the 1960s attending art school in 1971. Politically/artistically the world felt charged and that charge contagious. Happenings happened and anything could happen.The NYC art world ruled.

Since, I have lived mostly on islands, in fishing communities. For the last 18 years I have been living and teaching on Deer Isle, Maine. The community is comprised of hard working, self reliant, spirited, sometimes outlaw islanders who have given me the invaluable sense of belonging. It has been a good fit.

I appreciate travel, good stories, good humor and a good prank.